Key Success Factor | We never re-use our codes. Each project is treated as a totally new challenge, and from time to time, we improve the quality of our approach in each project. We always have the hunger to explore the latest in web technologies. This behavior differentiates us from competitors and makes us stand out in the competition.
Tailored for you | We invest great deal of our time and efforts to know our clients even better. Doing this makes us able to create solutions that suits your needs and requirements the most. Every logics and processes within our end products are always based on our clients unique characteristics and fits perfectly to their business.
Services | We offer best services a web-development studios has to offer. Consulting Services, Web Applications development, Data Warehouse solutions, Web-based Tracking System, Asset Management, Ticketing System, Online Store solutions, e-Government solutions, Information Kiosks, Custom Marketing gadgets, SMS gateways and many more...
Be Mobile | Bring your business into mobile capable applications. We develop native and web-based mobile applications for various devices: iPhones, iPads, Android devices and tablets, BlackBerry devices and WindowsPhone devices to make your business to stand out the competition and sales can be made wirelessly. Say goodbye to time and place contrains.
Clientele | Our clients are national and multi-national companies, as well as government bodies in Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam. We are very proud to have been working side by side with our clients in designing, developing and deploying web applications, mobile applications, e-Government solutions and business solutions.
Jalan Tenis Meja No. 44 Arcamanik Bandung 40293 Indonesia.
Tel / Fax (62) 22 720 8618. Direct mobile (62) 899 618 6666
MEET US Nagabendu Studios is one-stop solution service to all your business automation needs. We analyze, we design, we develop and we deliver. At Nagabendu, we trully understand the needs and requirements of each our clients because we think, talk and work the way they do. Plus, we keep everything as simple as it can be.

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